Craig Wright
5KW (Bright view)

I had asbestos roof and no company would touch it – Can do Solar team has done excellent job at very competitive price.

David Smiles
25KW System (Dalby)
Home Hardware

Can Do Solar has installed 25KW system on our business and we have been very happy with results. We have no hesitation in recommending Can Do Solar to anyone.

Elizabeth Hecksher
3KW (Marburg)

If Can Do Solar would not have contacted us we would not have bought solar system ever, Can Do Solar has explained us so much in detail and we made up our mind straight away. We are very happy with Can Do Solar.

John & Marcia Ludlow
5KW (Glamorgan vale)

We were thinking of solar for quite a while, we had presentation from Can Do Solar and realised straight away that we are in good hands.

Robyn Mckay
3KW (Lockrose)

I work so many hours in a week Mon-Sat, Can Do Solar has arranged a special appointment for us on sunday and given us very good deal. we are very happy and would be more than happy to refer my known people to Can Do Solar.

Fred Monckton
40KW (Moree)

We have installed 160 Solar panels and its giving us such a great return – We were so confused about solar as our friends and family had different opinions about solar but after installing this system we think we made one of the best decision in our life and we have learnt quality is the key. We thanks to Ron for giving us such professional service.

David Allardice
5KW (Gladstone)

Can Do Solar has offered us a good quality product at a right price and such a good explanation about how to maximise the benefits from solar, Apart from having cheaper quotation from another company we chose to go with them due to their service and quality of products.

Ricardo Layug
5KW (Townsville)

Can Do Solar has visited us and explained us about our benefits of installing solar system and she has been patient enough with us. We are so happy now.

Desmond Dwyer
5KW (Gladstone)

We are in our 70’s, Mike has visited us after making pre-apointment at our suitability and I can’t explain how good he has been with us and explained us throughly. We have sent 2 page letter to Can Do Solar Management for the service that we have received from sales person and Installers.

Laurence Hilton
3KW (Kilkivan)

I have been very happy with Can Do Solar and i would strongly recommend this to everyone out their.