How Solar Works ?

Understanding solar energy

The sun’s rays are captured via photovoltaic cells (solar panels) usually mounted on a north or west facing roof. An inverter wired up to your meter converts the captured sunlight into electricity for your home.

Enjoy the savings

Can Do Solar systems can significantly reduce your traditional power consumption and bills whilst easing the stress of future power price hikes. Your electricity provider monitors the power you use from the grid and the solar energy your system collects from its panels. At times, you’ll need more power than your system produces – so it automatically imports electricity from the grid, just as it does now. But you still only ever pay for the power that you import from the grid, the rest is free.

Sustain the future

In keeping with the philosophy of clean renewable energy, your new Can Do Solar system has no moving parts, is silent to run, requires minimal maintenance (just clean it with water once a year) and has a very long service life.

We make it easy to choose the system that’s right for you!